A Campaign for Hampshire College


On April 5, Hampshire’s Board of Trustees announced its decision to pursue an independent future for the College. ”This is a moment for Hampshire to come together,”  Interim Board Chair Luis Hernandez wrote, “and focus wholeheartedly on one path forward.” A Campaign for Hampshire applauds this choice, mindful of the great challenge it presents and the exciting new promise for the College that it holds.

We wish to thank all of you who have already made a commitment to the Campaign for Hampshire; your pledges mattered. You gave voice to the belief that Hampshire – this place that changed our lives – should live on for generations to come. Your voices have been heard.

Now we must do all we can to secure Hampshire’s future. The Board’s decision makes a future for the College possible, but it can only be realized through the commitment and generosity of all who believe in Hampshire.

Please join us now by making a pledge to the Campaign if you have not yet done so, or by enlisting a friend (or two! or three!) to do the same. You can now pledge with the assurance that the College is committed to ensuring that Hampshire’s unique mission will both thrive and endure.

We are grateful to Ken Rosenthal for his willingness to serve as Interim President during this crucial time in the history of the College. We look forward to working with Ken and the Board, and will update you as soon as we know more about next steps.

Q. How can I help?

A. Thank you for asking! We welcome assistance in raising funds to ensure Hampshire survives as an autonomous institution with its original mission intact.  

First and foremost – please contact any and all alumni, parents and friends of Hampshire you know (or knew, and would love to reconnect with) and send them the link to A Campaign for Hampshire: https://campaignforhampshire.org.  

Please explain in a sentence or two what inspired you to support the Campaign and urge them to consider a pledge as well.  Invite them to send the campaign link to others who might be enlisted in our effort to see that Hampshire remains Hampshire. 

We have lots of other ideas percolating – so please check back.  We’d value your ideas and comments. You can reach us by filling in the “Contact Us” box found on our web site at https://campaignforhampshire.org

Q. Who established A Campaign for Hampshire and how does the organization operate?

A.  A Campaign for Hampshire was organized by a group of Hampshire College alumni and friends of the College after the President and Trustees, citing on-going financial pressures, announced on January 15, 2019 that Hampshire was seeking a strategic partner and might not admit a full new class of students in the fall of 2019. We are concerned that these actions may mean the end of Hampshire as an independent institution. We are determined to see that the College not only survives this crisis but emerges stronger and reinvigorated in the years ahead.  We seek to raise $15 million dollars to stabilize Hampshire and allow for a rational, inclusive, and effective process to unfold that will result in a clear strategy to secure the college’s future as an independent liberal arts college.

Toward that end, A Campaign for Hampshire College, Inc. was officially incorporated on March 5, 2019 as a nonprofit corporation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with a stated mission, set of bylaws, and board of directors. Its board of directors are all alumni of the College; the Campaign is guided further by an Advisory Board made up of friends, alumni, several of Hampshire’s former Presidents, and former trustees. You can learn more about our Directors and Advisory Board here: https://campaignforhampshire.org/about-us

Q.  Is A Campaign for Hampshire College a tax-exempt nonprofit organization?

A. A Campaign for Hampshire College is in the process of filing for nonprofit and tax-exempt status.  We are currently accepting pledges only.  All gifts will be tax deductible once we receive 501c3 status.


Q. Can I simply go to the regular Hampshire College web site and donate directly to the College? Why should I support A Campaign for Hampshire instead?

A. A Campaign for Hampshire is a separate and independent fundraising platform with one compelling concern: we seek Hampshire’s survival as Hampshire - an autonomous liberal arts college with its original mission intact. If you support our goal, we hope you will submit a pledge to our campaign, secure in the knowledge that your donation will go to Hampshire only if it continues as an independent institution guided and informed by its founding ideals. You will not be asked to honor your pledge unless and until Hampshire’s future under these terms is secured.  In the interim, your Donor Intent Form will be held by A Campaign for Hampshire College, Inc. until an administration is in place committed to saving Hampshire and there is certainty about the College’s future.

Please support A Campaign for Hampshire by submitting your pledge here: https://campaignforhampshire.org/give


Q. Can pledges be spread out over time?

A.  Absolutely! Pledges are payable over a period of five years. You may specify these terms when you make your pledge online or by mail.

Q. What is the relationship between A Campaign for Hampshire and other fund-raising groups who are also seeking to support Hampshire College?

A. We welcome the efforts of all who share our goal of ensuring a future for Hampshire as the spirited experimenting college we know it to be. There is so much to do, it's hard for any one group of people to accomplish all that needs to be accomplished – or to do it all in one way. We are convinced that multiple fundraising sites will allow a very broad spectrum of Hampshire alums, family and friends to be reached. What matters most is that we collectively raise enough money to stabilize Hampshire and secure the college’s future.

A Campaign for Hampshire is entirely independent of the College; none of our directors or advisory board members are employed by or answerable to Hampshire College. Our singular focus is on raising funds consistent with the aims outlined above.

With your help, and with all of us working together, Hampshire will remain Hampshire.

Q. I have further questions. To whom should they be directed?

A. We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have. Please reach out via our website by  filling in and submitting the “Contact Us” box found on our web site at https://campaignforhampshire.org/ We will be back in touch promptly.  Thank you for your interest in A Campaign for Hampshire.