A Campaign for Hampshire College
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February 13, 2019. Hampshire College announces layoffs, Western Mass News, Ryan Trowbridge, Western Mass News → full article

February 8, 2019.  A Letter from the Executive Committee of the Faculty to President Nelson, Vice Presidents Rueschmann and
McEneany → full article

February 6, 2019. The Sleep of Reason:  The End of Hampshire College, Colin Bonnell, The Fordham Ram → full article

February 5, 2019. The Future of Hampshire College:  Changing the Narrative a rebuttal of President Nelsons’ January 31 presentation, “Hampshire’s Fiscal Reality, 1965-2019” → full article

February 4, 2019. Open Letter from Amherst Faculty to Hampshire President  → full letter

February 4, 2019. Hampshire Won’t Admit More Students, Rick Seltzer, Inside Higher Ed  → full articleJanuary 31, 2019. A Small New England College Struggles to Survive, Jon Krakauer, The New York Times → full article

January 22, 2019. College closure threat growing, state seeking new power → full article

Michael P. Norton, State House News Service → full message

January 20, 2019. Peace, Love, and Understanding, The Massachusetts Review  → full article

January 19, 2019. Update from Hampshire Campus:  A Hampshire College Staff Member and alum on the mood on campus after President Nelson’s January 15 email, Jim Hicks, for the editors → full article

January 17, 2019. A Response from Hampshire College Faculty, Staff, and Alumnx to Recent Announcements by Hampshire College Senior Leadership (2100 signers)  → full article

January 17, 2019. After Hampshire College:  Here’s Why More Small Colleges Are Feeling Squeezed, Max Larkin, WBUR → full article

January 16, 2019. Hampshire Struggles to Stay Afloat, Inside Higher Ed  → full article

January 15, 2019. Hampshire College puts freshman class in doubt, merger on the table, Boston Globe → full article

January 15, 2019. Hampshire College, facing financial challenges, weighs whether to enroll a new first-year class, Nick Anderson, The Washington Post → full article

Fall 2018, Private Colleges in Peril, Financial Pressures and declining enrollment may lead to more closures, Stephen Eide, Education Next → full article

July 16, 2018. Massachusetts debates new regulatory requirements on private colleges in the wake of Mount Ida's closure, Inside Higher Ed, Rick Seltzer → full article

March 16, 2018. Wheelock, BU Merger to Result in Loss of 111 Jobs → full article

Hampshire college bylaws → read the bylaws

Report of the President 1974, Charles R. Longsworth → full report

Appendices to Report of the President, 1971-1974 → full report