A Campaign for Hampshire College



Our Mission

To keep Hampshire College open as an autonomous institution with its original mission intact.

$2,606,068 Pledged

$15,000,000 Goal

A Campaign for Hampshire College, Inc., was created by a group of alumni and friends of the College in response to President Miriam Nelson’s recent announcement that the College might not accept an entering class for Fall 2019 and was proceeding with plans to seek a “strategic partner” for a merger. Nelson has argued that Hampshire’s financial situation is so precarious that the College must either merge or close. We disagree.

Further, we oppose the Board of Trustees’ February 1 vote not to accept a full entering class, which is now being used to justify drastic layoffs of faculty and staff. These actions have the potential to do irreparable harm to the College.

We broke the mold of higher education in the 1970s. Now the very survival of Hampshire is at stake.

In true Hampshire spirit, we can address with creativity and imagination the pressures Hampshire and so many small private colleges face while remaining a model of innovation and change.

To secure that future for Hampshire, we must begin by raising $15 million, which will not be released until there is certainty that an administration committed to keeping the College open is in place, with faculty and staff intact, so that the community may engage in a rational, inclusive, and effective process of deciding how to secure the college’s future.

Hampshire can remain Hampshire. Help us to prove it. We invite alumni and friends of the College to work together to ensure a future for Hampshire worthy of the unique contributions it has and will make to higher education.

Every donation helps. Please contribute today.