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Our Donors

Alumni and Year EnteredIn Honor/Memory of
Class of 1970
Page AllenIn Memory of Arthur Hoener and Tom Corey
Nancy Bush
Ellen F. FitzpatrickIn Memory of My Sister, Jean Wright
Chip Gogan
Henry GoldmanIn Honor of John Boettiger
Ben Harris and Rebecca Mitchell
Gail HershatterIn Memory of Nora Stein
Tom Kizzia
Anthony LantzIn Honor of Lynn Miller
Nancy Lord and Ken Castner (71F)
Jeff Maguire
Nancy Nylen
Allison ParelmanIn Memory of David Smith, Helen S. (Lena) Astin
Pat Sapinsley
Julie Thompson Fralich
Michael Ubell
David West
Susan Wittenberg
Jonathan Wright
Class of 1971
Elizabeth J. Appley
Daniel and Carolee Asia
Peter Bloch
Tim Brown and Barbara Elkins (P'08F)
Ken Burns
Sheila M. Cooley
John DellIn Honor of Herb Bernstein and David Kelley
Jenna & George Hutchinson
Claudia Istel & Grant TaylorIn Memory and Honor of Family Who Taught Us to Value Education and All The Teachers and Professors Who Believed in Us
Peter Kelly
Patricia KlindienstIn Memory of Paul Slater
Jennifer Jarvis ParkinsonIn Memory of David Freelander & Jerome Liebling
Allison Snow In Memory and Honor of David Smith, Ken Hoffman, Ray Coppinger, Norton Juster
Sarah Stott and Howard JenningsIn Memory of David Smith, Ray Coppinger, John Reid, Lynn Miller, Norton Juster, Earl Pope
Class of 1972
David and Pam Allon
Carol A Bergman
Shelley Carey
Antoinette Ducrest
Susan M. EricksonIn Memory of Karen Kalustian
Amy GodineIn Memory of Professors Richard Lyon and David Smith
Patty Miller Hancock
Mary Jamieson
Daphne Kis
Jon Krakauer
Robert McCarthy Jr
Craig Moss
Jon Orleans
Ellie T. Siegel and William H. WarrenIn Memory of Professors David Smith and Jim Koplin
Lee SmolinIn Memory of Pauline Smolin
Class of 1973
Catherine Barber
Jim Beloff
Paul Bockelman
Priscilla Cobb
Jim Gold
Stephen HathawayIn Memory of Marie Hershkowitz, F72
Greg Lander
John Linn
Dudley & Susan MerchantIn Memory of Rob Bell '72
Meredith Miller
Kate Mills
Charles Myer
Steve Nesich
Clifton E. Rodgers, Jr.
Sigmund Roos and Ruthie Rohde
Dick and Marcie Sclove
Roger Sherman
Mark Wittow and Gail Gatton
Clark Ziegler & Elane Lee
Class of 1974
Stanley Goos
Judith HoffmanIn Memory of Ray Coppinger
Lisa Kornetsky
Dorothy Nemetz and John Todd ('73)
Steven Siegel
Joan N. WattmanIn Memory of Bob Stiles and Deac Warner
Lise ZumwaltIn Honor of David Bates
Class of 1975
Lisa Bellet CollinsIn Memory of Lynn Miller and Tony Melchionda
Paula Berg
Megan DobrothIn Memory of David Smith
Gail Dratch and David Michaels
Brooks E HarrisIn Memory of Stan Goldberg
Bill Kern
Alexandra Moore-Wulsin
Gabrielle PierceIn Memory of Alexander Pierce
Class of 1976
AnonymousIn Memory of Dr. Gloria I. Joseph
Laura Botwinick
Pamela Buckley-Ebersold
Linda Pack ButlerIn Honor of an Education
Leslie Ferrin
Renee Freedman
Victor Fresco
Scott Gortikov
Sally Ketcham
Penny Mateer
Davis Robinson and Libby Marcus
Class of 1977
Berit Bergquist
Stephen Chase
Helen S. Cohen and Mark Lipman
Amy Ferber
Scott Fertig
Michael and Adele Gilbert
Howard Lenow and Fredericka Tanner
David S. Meyer
Proud AlumIn Honor of All Who Have Made Hampshire the Special Place It Is
John Rosenmiller
Joan Shulman and Bob Mayerson
Jim Snyder-Grant
Class of 1978
Kate Browne
Beth Burstein
Daphne Plaut
Carolyn Sheehan
Class of 1979
Paula Dobbyn
Denise Di Stefano
Susan D. EtkindIn Memory of Laura H. Benua
Mike Fortun
Martha McDevitt-Pugh
Paola PaneroIn Memory of Professor Abraham Ravett
Barbara Goldstone Robertson
Class of 1980
Clare L. Garfield
Holly GoldsteinIn Memory of Laura Benua, F80
Mimi (Ellis) Holt
Hilary Law
Sylvia Organ
Rachel Smith
Helen Solorzano
Sarah Towle
Jesse Winch and Cindy CarpenterIn Honor of Abigail Carpenter-Winch
Class of 1982
Sam Bergquist
Jim and Noni CooperIn Honor of Our Amazing Years at Hampshire! May She Long Live!
Sarah Shulman and Tom Garrett ('81)
Sally Gould
Michael Kuch and Jennifer TaubIn Memory of Leonard Baskin
Class of 1983
Alison BrettIn Honor of Neil Stillings
Lise & Tim Coppinger
Jeffrey Markert
Catherine J. Randall
Class of 1984
Dr. Janet R. BeardsleyIn Memory of Bob Stiles and Charles W. Beardsley
Karin A. Martin
Shauna Sampson and Liliana SampsonCelebrating the Mission of Hampshire College
Class of 1985
Dake AckleyIn Honor of the next president of Hampshire College
Mario Aranda
Jacquelene Leabman Brinton
Miriam BudnerIn Memory of Alan Budner
Megan Dee
Joe Keith
Sean K KennedyIn Memory of Melissa Rich and Denise O'Neill
Jane D. Marsching
Amy Weiss and Michael McClatchyIn Honor of Us!
Class of 1986
Anonymous Foreign StudentIn Memory of Lynn Miller
David Changar
Linda R. McDaniel
Rebecca P.In Memory of My Grandparents
Meg Pehle
Sharon Williams
Class of 1987
Margaret Almon
Mary-Moore Cathcart
Elle Chan
Miriam Cremer
Rachel Payne
Andrea UristIn Memory of Arnold A. Urist
Paget Walker
Class of 1988
Brett AstorIn Memory of Saul Astor & Dorothy Rubin
Lucy Boas
Erin L Dozier
Nicole Gibson-Donohoe
sandeep rayIn Honor of J.B and Shipra Ray
Marci Riseman and Evan SagermanIn Memory of Alan Riseman
Cheyla Samuelson
Julia Stutts
Class of 1989
Gideon BokIn Memory of K. Levni Sinanoglu, Billy Green and Kanishka Raja
Valerie Gintis
Zoe KoganIn Memory of Kanishka Raja
Alice A PettyIn Honor of My parents, Jan and Bill Petty, who--despite abundant evidence to the contrary--believed that if I found the right place, there was no limit to who I might become or what I might accomplish.
Arielle Saiber
Class of 1990
Angela Ayre
Shana L. Davidson
Tanja Alexia HollanderIn Memory of Kanishka Raja
Heather JanulesIn Memory of Kate Spencer
Susan Molano
Sara Smith
Karen SullivanIn Honor of the Next Hampshire President
Class of 1991
Tara Balboni
Chris Fitz
Russet Morrow
Michelle N. Soucy
Class of 1992
Rachel Brahinsky, PhD
Karinne Keithley Syers
Class of 1993
Jane Jerardi
Debra Michaud
Corinna Press
Tabb Sullivan
Peter Ward
Class of 1994
John Bruner
Aaron C Mullan
Ben Wood and Suna Turgay
Class of 1995
Sarah Horowitz
Joanna Weinberg Lawless
Class of 1996
Katherine Dutton Adams
Jeffery Bergman
Julie Beth NapolinIn Memory of Leah Napolin
Class of 1997
AnonymousIn Honor of Herb Bernstein
Madeleine Baran
Margot Hernandez
Meghan O'Hara
Aaron Marcus
Michelle Jarrett Worth
Rebecca Zarch
Class of 1998
Alhena KatsofIn Memory of Yusef Lateef
Lea Kear
Dr. Jospeph P. Laycock In Memory of Marion Taylor
Michael O'Neill
Theresa Beck van HeemstraIn Memory of Daniel Molter
Class of 1999
Jennifer Kikoler
Daniel McNamaraIn Honor of All the future minds and lives that want and deserve a Hampshire Education
Aaron L. RosenblumIn Memory of Marylyn Rosenblum
Maggie Shar
Jessi Swenson
Eric WatersIn Memory of Emily Richardson
Class of 2000
CJ HolmIn Memory of Emily Doran
Georgia Kral
Nat Stratton-clarke
Class of 2001
Sarah BlevissIn Honor of Davis Bates and His Walk to Support Hampshire!
Daniel Brooks
Class of 2002
Carleton Lane
Meghan Long & Peter KunhardtIn memory of Nick Chandler and in honor of all the brilliant people I got to know while at Hampshire.
Kaitlyn Millen
Debbi Rotkowitz
Class of 2003
Debra Caplan and Nick Taft
Lin Gray
Lucia HaladjianIn Memory of Helga Sippel
Class of 2004
Suzy Downing
Adam Fulton Johnson
Class of 2005
Gideon Bass
Joe Fenstermaker
Catharine Smith Mod 63 Forever!
Class of 2006
Shannon CaseyIn Memory of Eliot Muckerman
Dillon Compton
Julia Firestone
Amanda Kukle
Class of 2007
Ava B Agree
Madeleine Ehrlich & Jon Goff
Dinah Handel
Hira Nabi
Henry Parr
Claire Turner
Class of 2008
Henry Epp
AchyutIn Honor of Bishnu Bhakta shrestha (Dad), roshani shrestha (Mom)
Class of 2009
A. Elizabeth Berg
Grace Critchfield
Blake Flessas
Rachel Friedman
Class of 2010
Jesse French
Arslan Muradi
Class of 2011
J. AltIn Memory of The Woods
Emma Dempster-Greenbaum
Ilia Esrig
Mitchell (Mitch) Krieger
Sal Migliaccio
Traci LaichterIn Honor of My Wonderful Experience @ Hampshire
Class of 2012
Daniel Block
Shelley RosenIn Honor of Jordan Perry
Xavier Torres de JanonIn Honor of Decolonize Media Collective
Class of 2013
Josia DeChiara
Class of 2014
snem DeSellier
Erika Linenfelser
Class of 2018
Parents, Friends, Faculty Emeriti, Past Presidents
AnonymousIn Memory of My Daughter's Father, Gary
AnonymousIn Honor of Our F18 Granddaughter and In Memory of Her Loving Father, May His Memory Be for a Blessing
AMJ FoundationIn Honor of My Daughter, Sarah Buttenwieser
Elizabeth Armstrong
Steve AskinIn Memory of Roland Legiardi Laura
Michelle Bigenho and Paul Lopes
Meg Browne
Jenna Crowder
Rick Davis
Michael DeChiara and Lucy Gertz
Dr. Haley Dell'Orso
Cathy Dempster
Bonnie DiamondIn Honor of Laura Greenfield
Joyce Dorris and Martin Wayne
Rafi DworskyIn Memory of Barbara Linden, Professor in the School of Social Science
Phyllis Ewen & Jim CampenIn Honor of Margaret Cerullo
Dr. Betsy Ferguson
Suzanne Fortier
Bruce Geisler
Penina Glazer
Peter and Mary Lou Greenfield
Deborah and Nahum Hahn
Kellie Hart and Alasdair Philip
Betsy Hartmann
Baba Hillman
Hannah HollemanIn Honor of My Wonderful Hampshire College Colleagues and Students, and Our Community
Dawn Lee Isbell
L. Brown KennedyIn Honor of My Students and Colleagues 1973-2019
Karen Koehler
Anna Lank
Leslie S. and Michael LeffIn Honor of Our Children
Michael LesyIn Memory of Elizabeth Lesy
Sura LevineIn Honor of All My Students and Colleagues
Michelle and Peter LevyIn Honor of Roman Levy
Michelle LevyIn Honor of Davis Bates's Birthday Walk
Charles & Polly Longsworth
Lizzy Longsworth and Tom KreycheIn Honor of Chuck & Polly Longsworth
Judith Mann
MarlaIn Memory of Eqbal Ahmad
Nina Metz
Laura A. Michaelis, ProfessorIn Honor of Daniel Altshuler
Amna Naib
Ingrid L. Nelson
Howard and Mary Newman
Laurie NisonoffIn Memory of Margaret(Peggy) Howard
John W. OlverIn Honor of Claudia Richardson
Gregory and Toni Prince
Proud Hampshire Mom
Bob Rakoff and Helaine Selin
Carly Richman
Ginni S. Rosenfeld, M.D.In Honor of Ellie Rosenwasser and All the Current Hampshire Students
Ken Rosenthal
Karen RowanIn Honor of Laura Greenfield
Paula Rudnick
Les Rudnick
Jessica Ryan
Karen and Benigno Sanchez-Eppler
David and Judy Sanders
Dr. Barbara E. Savedoff
Susan E Saxe
David SheldonIn Honor of Polly & Charles Longsworth
Susan Shilliday
Jill and Richard Sideman
Jill SobelIn Honor of Micael J. Sobel
Anne Spier-Mazor
Neil StillingsIn Honor of William Marsh, Founding Faculty Member
Katherine Sugg
Valerie Talmadge
Susan Tracy and Connie Kruger
Christine A. Vonder Haar
Elizabeth Wheeler
Barbara and Sigfrid Yngvesson
Susan YohnIn Memory of David Yohn '79